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Ecstatic dance is about joining together in the simple and courageous act of freeform dance. These events of self-expression are designed to create movement, music and community.

The 3 Rules of Ecstatic Dance:

We Dance Barefoot

(connect and ground yourself with Earth; plus no sand in your shoes!)

We Dance Without Words

(communicate with body language, express yourself! But know how to give/get consent to enter personal spaces)

We Dance As We Are

(no drugs/alcohol, no phones, no fears, no judgments)

Our Dances Typically Include:

  • an opening ceremony and warmup

  • an opening circle / meditation 

  • a 1 - 1.5 hour Ecstatic Dance 

  • A closing practice  

Remember: You are free to dance/not dance, stretch/not stretch, sit, observe, and whatever you feel comfortable with. But remember, always respect each other's space!

A Note on Consent:

Many Dancers come to dance by themselves, while some Dancers enjoy dancing with others, with or without physical contact.  Below is a guide to help your experience at Ecstatic Dance. 

  1. It is always a Good Idea to begin by Dancing with Yourself.  Feel into how you are doing!

  2. If you would like to Dance with someone else, please make sure they are able to Give their Consent to Dance with you before Touching them or entering their Field.  If you are not sure, or their eyes are closed, it is a No. Please respect any No, and try not to take it Personally.

  3. How to say “No” nonverbally?  Turn Away, Move Away, Hand(s) at Your Heart (prayer gesture)

  4. How to say “Yes” nonverbally? Turn Toward, Move Closer, Extend a Hand (open palm)

What is Silent Disco:

SOME of our events utilize silent disco technology (we will mention in the event if this is the case). 

Instead of speakers, our DJ's music is transmitted into everyone's individual headphones (that we provide) all in-sync with the DJ. Now you can control the volume no matter where you're standing, and really get lost in your vibe :)

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